2018 Fountain Ideas for your Home

I want to set up a fountain in my home garden but I really want to run the fountain without electricity therefor I decided to place a solar fountain. The birds love it. Check out this picture about solar fountain which I bought from Amazon

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It will cost you around  $18.99

There are many things needed to make a gentle fountain. A standard port for this’ll get when you purchase a new plant from the nursery.

A big coated tub with some stones.


Terra flour mash bowl.

Fill the big tub with water. Place the pot up downside into the water like sinking this will use for standing the terra bowl. Put terra bowl

into the pot. Spread some pieces of stones into the terra bowl.

Soon the sun sparkling the fountain will work start & see the magic and its really good for the birds & for Hummingbird

So hope you will try this magic fountain into your home garden. This is the awesome 2018 fountain ideas.