8 Rented Garden Ideas On A Budget

Do you want to know garden ideas on a budget? Then you come to a good place because here we were listed 8 rented garden ideas on a budget that you will definitely inspire.

Decorate the space with home furnishings

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As with the interior of a rented house, it is difficult to make you feel like a home when you cannot undertake large decorating projects, in this case, a colored splash can go a long way in making it feel more like your head. own. Use outdoor rugs and soft shower fittings to revitalize a rented garden. And give an insight into your own personal style and personality injection into space.

Grow vegetables in an alternative planter

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Be the one to grow the revolution itself, even as a renter. If you are eager to try growing your own, but you are not sure that your landlord wants you to dig his garden. Consider investing in a planter. You can get some smart vertical planters from Homebase that are perfect for growing herbs and tomatoes – without using the garden grounds at all. Or you can start small with Vegebag, which won Chelsea’s garden product of the year.

Make accessories moveable

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One of the biggest trends in 2020, to be continued well into 2021, is fire pits – as a result of the restrictions on indoor meetings. Which means we are outdoors in any weather. The beauty of the fire pit is its independent nature. Making them the ideal design for renters because there is no danger to the garden. Find one that is raised from the ground and easy to move, as when the time comes to move to new pastures.

Add a decorative garden screen

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Garden screens are an ideal solution for renovating your outdoor space. They provide a fancy touch but also privacy in a small garden or terrace, and can also be used to cover ugly bins.

You can choose a simple willow screen or something more amazing like one of these from Screen With Envy. Priced at around £ 85 they come in a range of designs from Moroccan geometry to floral prints. When it’s time to move on they can be easily brought with you.

Garden ideas

Fairy lights or solar-powered lighting are an affordable way to add some atmosphere to your garden. Try weaving fairy lights through a garden screen or stringing them over a garden table for a striking garden lighting idea.

Hang baskets of beautiful blooms

Hanging baskets will make any garden, front or back, look beautiful. They can add a pop of color to any door or patio. Fill them with strong strawberries, herbs, and green plants for a modern look that is easy to care for. Make sure they are well supported in the place you choose to hang them, to avoid any damage if they fall.

 Decorate the fence

If your landlord is happy enough to let you paint the fence – great, but if it’s too long an extension you’ll have to think outside the box. A low-cost, low-effort, and impermanent way to restore tired-looking fence panels is a bright color injection. Use these home planters and tealight holders for inspiration. All made from recycled tin cans that are secured directly to the fence with detachable wire attached. A great way to add color and atmosphere to a garden rental perimeter.

Level with freestanding furniture

Use this safe ladder storage idea to hide a less attractive corner of your rental garden. When using a climbing plant is not an option use this smart solution to fill. The space with potted plants, decorative garden trinkets, and lanterns to add a personal touch.