8 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen

Whether you have a galley in the highlands or a small space in the heart of the city, these decorating ideas will help you end up with a beautiful, cooked kitchen just the way you like it.

1. Downsize it


Smaller spaces can cause the brain to build more – sometimes more – than larger spaces, especially when you add storage and structure in strictly limited spaces. compete in the kitchen between games and work.

Face it, in a small space, you can not have a kitchen that is a business hobby – suitable for schoolwork, mailing, laundry, hunting guide,Small Kitchen and cooking. Unless you are not cooking at all (anywhere, just keep your clothes out of season!), Small kitchens are ready to cook. So before focusing on work, make sure you have the equipment and workspace you need. You can save a lot of small space by using screen-reducing equipment or new design tools, including refrigerators and freezers and pint-sized, stoves (some the only two burners), and one sink. The function is there, no need to worry about anything! If the workspace is at a charge, consider a small island or cabinet with a shelf that can be moved into the closet when not in use.

2. Open it up

Small Kitchen

Smaller kitchens can feel unbalanced when the appliances above are larger than the head in a tight space. Many kitchens can not reach the space inside them (and there is not much room for the stairs or stairs), and the whole idea is to box and close in. Think of shelters, pot racks, and a magnetic knife or spice tool. Not only will your kitchen look wider, but it is also good to show off your favorite dishes or baking trays and pans – even the drawings.

3. Mix up the Materials

Small Kitchen

You may not have the spaciousness of your pint kitchen, but you have many options. In fact, these options loom larger in a smaller space than today’s Taj Mahal-kitchen.  larger areas you can more easily hide flaws or split races;  A small space everything really works, including a mix of wood and metal and other surface materials. And because your small kitchen will be short of expressive design elements, it is desirable that you add all kinds of essentials in terms of interior cabinets, cabinets, appliances. , hundreds, lighting, and colors. Are there other places where you can add curves? Will your office granite countertop (cheaper in smaller spaces!) Coexist with your paint cabinet? Your best bet is to create products that combine patterns and metrics of everything you can think of. One tip: using the same colors and patterns on the assemblies and pull-out cabinets can help improve visibility.

4. Look Into it

Small KitchenOne of the simplest ways of “expanding” the kitchen is to mix it with glass, which can see you through the objects, thus improving the sense of spaciousness or what designers call being “the wrong place.” Try glass cabinets or tabletop, or glass doors. Glass kitchen doors, to the outside world or to the next room, can enhance the visual space. There are even more reflective glass tiles that can give your kitchen a beautiful look. The mirrors, either in a backlash or tucked around the room, also highlight the face.

5. Light it up

Small Kitchen

Like any other room, your small kitchen needs a mix of functionality and lighting. Lighting, which casts a blue light effect on the color change of the items in the room, including the food, is often seen in the kitchen. To counteract it, consider hanging a pendant lamp that showers your dining area in more vibrant colors. And try these simple steps to make the size of your kitchen smaller:

• Use lighting fixtures (which are more yellow) under bright rooms above the cabinets. Ceiling incandescent spotlighting, when taken from shelves to piles, will increase the space for more clutter and provide a better viewing area through light and dark than is inconsistent with shelves that only visible in the cool blue of fluorescent lighting.

• Think from the ground uplighting has also worked on the floors in recent years, shining like a star shining at night standing on the ground. It can also be installed under a copper cabinet that shines under the toe plate.

6. Get Floored

Small Kitchen

Where do our eyes go when we walk into a room? Usually, it goes down to the right – which is the dust of the house. That is why the petite kitchen floor is so important. Linoleum – an old favorite of kitchen floors everywhere – can be visually appealing in black and white sheets in small spaces. It is a cheap option.

Since the length is diminished, you can pay for a beautiful tumbled marble that can give you touch to the outside. Yes, marble can be really cool and hard underfoot, but the effect will be worth it for you. Or try cork, which is the number one floor used in leaking kitchens in the United States. You need to make sure it is placed properly (water can expand), but it is a beautiful option. And you may feel embarrassed about using the “front” flooring.

7. Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

The colors of the walls, appliances, cabinets, utensils, even the dishwasher, can change the look of the kitchen. Pastels or light colors, with a good dose of white, reflect the eye art at the top and make the room appear taller. But don’t think you have to make the chicken color in a confined space. Thick paper is ideal for a small kitchen. How about some Porsche red metal cabinets with celery green walls and a banana stone concrete countertop? That will keep you in good physical shape in the morning!

8. Go for Comfort

Small Kitchen

Remember, we now know how to visualize a small kitchen, through the layout and design to visualize colors. But consider this: When decorating a small area I have seen many times it is not necessary to increase the size of the room by designing the interior. The reason: by going with the current design of small areas, you can often create a cozy design space. So instead of using tactics to make the space wider, you may want to embrace it just the way it is. Switch between light or dark places, you may go into colder countries. You may remember that there is a little nook where you can sit with guests knee-to-knee. Or choose darker, richer colors that evoke a sense of well-being – and use additional materials that address that. The kitchen is small, yes; but it’s actually sexy.