Amazing Crochet Projects Ideas


It’s that time of year again, crochet bag projects are in trend again, especially if they are crafted by your own hands.  They are smaller projects without having to bury under large projects. We’ve got lots of patterns to inspire you, whether you’re looking for blankets, cardigans, snoods, shawls or baby booties (to name but a few). So make a choice and start crocheting now. Some accessories are so wonderful that you can even gift them to someone and save money as well. You can even arrange a mini exhibition inside your house where you can market these crafts and earn a good amount out of it.

Love Crochet – this big


Learn how to crochet a bag that you can carry wherever you go. You’ll find free crochet bag patterns, crochet purse patterns and even a free tote bag pattern or two. You’ll never want to buy a purse or bag ever again. Crochet a handy rectangular bag with easily knotted handles for daily errands.
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Crochet your own tote bag to go with any outfit with this adorable floral pattern.  This quick and easy bag is both gorgeous and practical because it is strong, durable, and large enough to hold all of your essentials. It will make you look more stylish and classy.


Everyone likes to have a nice bag to use for whatever the need. So we thought we would put together some of the most popular bag knit and crochet free patterns that can be used for shopping, traveling, to a night out on the town or whatever the occasion. Plus, they can make a great gift too!



There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect tote bag when you can crochet this one! This clever bag is crocheted in the round using jumbo weight yarn, so you’ll have time to make it in an array of colors, or to give as gifts! This is more durable and will never let you feel embarrassed.

new reusable crochet bag


Whether you’re heading to the farmer’s market or the beach, these crochet bags for summer are perfect for toting whatever it is that you need.  From fresh produce to sunscreen and your favorite book, these crocheted bags make summer travel easy and fun! Must craft this one for your personal style statement

Hopeful Honey 2


This durable crocheted tote bag is perfect for carrying almost anything.  Great for beginners, this simple pattern makes a bag that will last you for years to come. Perfect for a quick run out, this cute crochet bag will hold all your must-have necessities, from a wallet and keys to sunscreen and sunglasses

less-lacy design


Your little lady will love carrying her special things in these unique crochet purses. Crocheted with machine wash and dry yarn, it’s easy to keep it looking great no matter where it travels. Knit these designs for gifts or to organize your life in any of the many colors of Super Saver.

baby crochet Atam.


Summer is such a fun time to crochet new patterns. You can find bright patterns and designs that you will want to wear right away. Crochet flowers need not explain themselves. We know they’re beautiful, versatile and look pretty darn glam as wedding bouquets. These crocheted flowers are great for adding color and style to your outdoor furniture or patio.