Best Interior Design Trends For 2022

Best interior design trends inspiration you need. Browse our selection of the best interior design trends and find your dream for the most important room in the house. We also have a variety of living room and living room guides. If you have not yet decided on your plan, take a look at our best interior design trends for 2021.

Warmer tones

Best interior design trends

Although gray has long been a design trend, Pyotroski expects 2021 to see an increase in warm heads. Colors, as opposed to true, cool gray, “she says.” Warm tones feel a little more relaxed and attractive. ”

White walls

”According to Pyotorsky, the simple trend of white walls will continue to gain popularity, but she predicts that we will see white walls with more texture. “I’m watching the removal of the limewash and the removal of the Roman clay, which looks almost like plaster walls.”

Home office

Best interior design trends

With more people working from home now, Piotrowski expects home offices to be in high demand. “whether it’s converting an unused closet into a small table or a guest.” Make room in the box where you can put the desk. I think we will see more work from home needs in the near future.

Moving elements

Piotroski says that in 2021, rooms may feel less utilitarian and more appropriate and inviting. The designer expects us to start seeing more elements in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that feel like they are in a living room setting.

Outdoor spaces

Best interior design trends


Because travel is limited and people are less likely to survive during the winter months in Canada, Piotroski says outdoor decoration is a trend that will continue into 2021. “I think people want to get the most out of our beautiful summers in Canada. We are here on every kind of basis as far as possible,” it’s good to invest in a place where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Enclosed rain.

In 2020, Piotroski says a return to the shower design. “For a long time, it was glass showers and people really wanted to feel open in their washrooms,” she says. “I’m looking at the fully enclosed shower units with a beautiful door, and then pretty tiles wrapped around the four walls.”

The designer says that it may be bent on the current self-care movement. “I think we’re going to see more room for that luxury and warmth, and for that personal feeling, now we’re all on top of each other, more than ever.”

Best interior design trends

Best interior design trends

For anyone who wants to change their place for this year, Piotrowski recommends painting. “If you think you need to change your budget, then painting your room can be a great place.” “When you have a big fall in the spring, it really changes the energy of the place. You can skip some things, skip some of the past 2020 and get off to a good start. ۔ ”

“Hopefully, for most people, the home is becoming a symbol of security, comfort, and well-being in the world,”