Explore the Middle East in Abu Dhabi

On the off chance that you cherish finding colorful places yet could manage without whole deal flights, Abu Dhabi may very well be the brilliant ticket. With Etihad presently offering non-stop flights from the UK, you could be investigating the UAE’s capital in only seven hours.

Notwithstanding the transcendent climate, Abu Dhabi profits by an abundance of culture and history, which isn’t to be missed.

Here’s a gander at what’s on offer…

Eating out

Middle East in Abu Dhabi is immovably settled on the worldwide sustenance outline various Michelin Stars scattered among the locale’s best culinary specialists, and additionally numerous very regarded remote restaurateurs planting banners in the district. The city’s eateries take into account all way of tastes, from French to Chinese, and all are spoken to particularly exclusive requirements: visitors looking for any cooking won’t be frustrated.

dubai food


Have a feeling that inspecting customary Middle Eastern indulgences? Pick an Emirati eatery. The customary style of UAE cooking is a combination of South Asian and Persian tastes and uses a great deal of chicken, fish, and rice. You’ll see a lot of sweet-smelling flavors, for example, saffron and cumin, for a bit of Middle Eastern enchantment in each dish.


Abu Dhabi is forming into a social hotspot, with a few open and private craftsmanship exhibitions on offer. Maybe most amazing is the ongoing expansion of the Louver Abu Dhabi – the sister site to the diamond in Paris. Recently assembled, the engineering alone is a stylish spectacle, and the accumulations are effectively keeping pace with the main exhibitions around the globe. Attentively curated shows overflow with ancient pieces from both East and West, with a fairly anthropological standpoint, speaking to a voyage through mankind.




Abu Dhabi isn’t only a city, there’s a lot of common excellence to be found as well. Simply off the drift, an archipelago of common islands is standing by. At Sir Bani Yas Island, around 170km from Abu Dhabi, you’ll discover a rendition of heaven. With pristine shorelines and completely clear waters, the island is an asylum for nature darlings, brimming with noteworthy plants and creatures, including cheetahs and hyenas.


Winter sun wouldn’t be finished without a shoreline, and in Abu Dhabi, you’re ruined for decision. From private shorelines to little islands and lodging shoreline clubs, the white sands and turquoise waters won’t disillusion.


There are various prevalent shorelines on offer, with Blue Flags a demonstration of the elevated expectations of tidiness kept up. Saadiyat shoreline offers a relatively unrivaled region of excellent sand, lapped by the warm ocean.

Equation One

Middle East in Abu Dhabi is outstanding for its Formula One hustling, and guests with a hunger for speed have the opportunity to encounter the excite direct. Yas Marina Circuit, where a portion of the world’s greatest races have occurred, offers hustling encounters for visitors who can contract autos and drive the circuit for themselves.

In case you’re not prepared to get in the driver’s seat, but rather still need to direct a touch of adrenalin, attempt Ferrari World. You can have a go in the Ferrari test system or, in case you’re overcome enough, attempt the Formula Rossa crazy ride. It’s the quickest thrill ride on the planet and quickens to 240km/hr in less than five seconds.